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Public Diplomacy

Trying to give an exact definition of Public Diplomacy is thus both an easy and a hard task. This complex term, originally for the use of trained diplomats, has drifted defiantly from its traditional definition to become an ultra-inclusive term describing the majority of actions in international relations between actors. The rationale for breaking the US monopoly on its definition has given birth to an explosion of frameworks, theories, and sub-theories in Public Diplomacy research. Any researcher aiming at understanding Public Diplomacy should first, assume that Public Diplomacy describes the political relationship between an actor and a public in the international sphere. Only after conceptualizing both the actors and the publics in the field, one can adjust the relevant detention Public Diplomacy. Thus, there is not a 'right' detention for Public Diplomacy, but rather a metric of definitions, all describing different political phenomena.


2020 I Tal Hasdai-Rippa

Experts Discuss Public Diplomacy

Mapping the Scene: Public Diplomacy During Times of Uncertainty
Dr. Pawel Surowiec, The University of Sheffield

Protests and the Image of the Nation: When the Public contradicts Public Diplomacy
Dr. César Jiménez-Martínez, Cardiff University

Explore Case Studies from the Field

ריפא בלוג 3.jpeg

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