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Re-Thinking the Cultural-Digital-Public Diplomacy Triangle during COVID-19 Crises -
Session 2 (14/12/20)
The Evolution of Crisis - Traditional Actors in a Changing World:
New Tools or New Conditions?

Mapping the Scene

Dr. Ilan Manor, University of Oxford

Constructing Bridges and Belonging in a Pandemic:

‘Romania Rocks’ Romanian-British Literary Festival

Dr. Alina Dolea, Bournemouth University

Mr. Paul Chaine, Head of Digital Deputy Head of Communication,

Château de Versailles

Cultural Diplomacy in Times of Crisis - New Conditions / New Tools

Mr. Ziv Nevo-Kulman, Head of Cultural Diplomacy, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The British Council Wider Europe Region Digital Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mr. Jonathan Shor Mandelbaum, Director, the British Council Israel

Open Discussion

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